Our Company

V&A Japan Corporation is a fabric trading company located in Osaka, Japan. We provide fabrics of outstanding quality and effectively and responsibly manage the delivery at competitive prices.

The main development and production area for V&A Japan Corp. is the Hokuriku region of Japan. The region is traditionally the largest and the most experienced area for synthetic fiber woven and knit textiles. We consider the weavers, knitters, and dye houses/finishers not only manufacturers; but skilled craftsmen. Working in close co-operation with these craftsmen, we are able to constantly develop new, cutting-edge fabrics to satisfy our valuable customers.

CEO and Visionaire

A man driven by his passion for textiles, Jun Minamoto has worked within the industry from a young age. He has built a close personal relationship with the Hokuriku region and it’s community, which he considers definitively important to the essence of the company

His vision is to produce textiles which are fair for all throughout the production process, and to produce materials which are environmentally friendly and sustainable. He is determined to achieve this vision and believes that V&A can lead the way for the rest of the industry.


V&A Japan Corp. is very conscious about our invaluable environment and surroundings. We are switching to more eco-friendly and human-friendly chemicals, including dyestuffs and DWR chemicals, in all parts of the production process to minimize the impact on the environment and humans.

We took a big step in our commitment to environmentally conscious production in 2014, when we became an official partner of the bluesign® system. The system ensures that all those working within the textiles industry, from chemical suppliers to brands, work together to meet current ecological requirements at all stages of the production process.

Our current focuses are: PFOA/PFOS Free C6 DWR, Fluorocarbon-free DWR, Restriction of hazardous substances, Recycled Polyester.


We strive to ensure a high quality and reliable supply chain. Our products are made in the Hokuriku region of Japan, where we work in close cooperation with weavers/knitters and dyeing mills in the region to ensure unwavering quality of product.

We already have a vast portfolio of customers worldwide and our growth in recent years has been exponential, we hope the release of the new CRAFTEVO branded fibers and the co-operation with the bluesign® system will underpin yet further growth.


V&A Japan Corp. do all in our power to create a work environment where all employees can work with confidence.

We believe in equal opportunities, and we treat all of our employees with the utmost respect and do our best to ensure that they have all that they need, both professionally and personally. Our close relationship with the craftsmen with whom we work in Hokuriku is testament to that ethic.