CRAFTEVO® Thermal System

CRAFTEVO is proud to introduce polypropylene insulation. Polypropylene fibers, in comparison to other synthetic and natural fibers, are extremely light, yet yield the greatest volume for a given weight. Specific gravity is often used as a reference for the ratio of density; while the specific gravity of water is 1, polypropylene is 0.91, meaning it will float on water. It is 34% lighter than polyester and 20% lighter than nylon.

What is Polypropylene?

Compared to other synthetic fibers and substances, polypropylene is produced with less petroleum and does not contain toxic chemicals. It is recyclable and incinerates into non-hazardous trace ash. As a bluesign® system partner, CRAFTEVO products are traceable and ecologically friendly.

Moisture Absorption

Polypropylene fibers are hydrophobic, which means they will not soak up water. When comparing the volumetric change of down vs. polypropylene in a moist environment, the rate of change between the two is immediately recognizable.

Thermal Conductivity

One of the most important aspects of insulation for garments is its thermal conductivity. Because polypropylene retains more heat for a longer period of time, less insulation is required in the garment, allowing it also to be extra light. Combined with its hydrophobic nature, polypropylene ensures the wearer is kept both dry and warm.