Our Technologies

Our signature brand CRAFTEVO is a collection of high-functional fabrics for Outdoor and Sports apparel. Scroll down to find out about the many advantages of these fabrics, which are all produced in Japan.
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Technology – Superlight

Our products are stretched mechanically, dispensing of the need for an additional spandex fiber, to ensure our fabrics are both easy to care for and super light weight.

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Technology – Waterproof

Our waterproof coatings and laminates are guaranteed to perform even in the most demanding and extreme conditions ensuring the wearer is both dry and comfortable.

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Technology – Windproof

Our windproof materials exceed an Air-Permeability rating of 2-5cc, meaning they have the ability to stay warm in cold conditions.

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Technology – Breathable

The microporous layers of our materials allow sweat to escape from the material without impacting on its waterproof capability. With ratings of up to 20000g/m2/24h B-1, our materials rank amongst the world’s best performers.

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Technology – Stretchable

Our fabrics have higher stretch capability than products which use spandex, achieved by specially designed twisted yarns and weaving construction processes.